Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Blog Addiction

Pawn Shaman had a post on his blog a the blogger quiz. I took the blogger addiction quiz and scored

64%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

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The most interesting question on the quiz was #9:

If something interesting happens to you, do you immediately think about how you're going to write about it on your blog?

Absolutely YES. I thought it was an odd thing to be in the middle of a chess game where something interesting was happening, and my mind would be wandering off thinking about what I was going to write about the incident. I guess it's a classic sign of blog addiction. It's bad enough being ADD, and having things run amok in my brain while I'm playing. But now it's gotten worse as I find myself be thinking about the story line for my next blog entry.

Crap! Just another thing I have to think about not thinking about as I'm playing. Maybe I need to go back to having stupid camp songs going through my mind instead.


drunknknite said...

Were you thinking about how you were going to write this post as you were answering that question?

Polly said...

LMAO!!! Question #14 was are you going to blog about taking the quiz? Si I guess the answer to your question is yes, since my answer to #14 was also yes. :-)

Glenn Wilson said...

I am not going to blog about taking the quiz. But, does posting comments on other's blogs, count?

Also, if one does things in "the real world" with the purpose in advance of blogging about them what does that mean? (Referring to my recent visit to a Houston Chess Meetup so I could blog about it!)

(john jacob jingleheimer smith...)

Wahrheit said...

I've been doing my tactical exercises lately knowing that I promised to blog them...also, I pledged no internet blitz for awhile, and had to report that I'd played some. But fear of the bloggy consequences has kept me off the crack for about two weeks, at this point.

Maybe we can call it the "Blogging/Life Interface" and write a bokk about it...nah, just a post!

liquideggproduct said...

Glad there was someone higher on the scale.

@Glenn: That should give you +3%.

john jacob jingleheimer smith...

That's my name, too. This is an indelible memory from middle school days...

BlunderProne said...

67 that's my score... must find balance... maybe I should go back to smoking pot and just slacking off. Oh wait... yeah ... ba\d example for the kdis... been 17 years ... for a reason.

Jon Jacobs said...

At least blogging is a social activity. Spending 2-3 hours night after night playing 1-minute against random strangers is not; nor is forcing yourself to solve 10,000 (or even 1,000) CTS puzzles per week. It's people who do those things under the delusion they're working to improve their chess, that I worry about more than people who obsess about what they'll write on their blog.

I don't have a blog. But, shortly after publishing my first chess article, I began seeing everything I thought or read or experienced, as an inspiration for another chess article. So I can see where Polly is coming from.

Polly said...

Jon: You and I have been around the chess scene a long time. We've seen a lot stuff since our early Fischer boom years in New England. As one who has journaled off and on for many years I find blogging is a fun way of sharing my experiences in anyone who cares to "listen". I may never write a book, but this is the next best thing.

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