Wednesday, January 9, 2008

View From The Rear

Given all the hot looking bike analogies at dk-transformation and temposchlucker I figured I'd make my contribution with the following.

You may have a $5,000 bike frame built up with another $5,000 worth of top shelf components but if you don't go out and ride it, you're going to be dusted by these hot babes, or maybe even this not so hot babe.
You can have all the the latest and greatest things in technology, books, beautiful chess sets, great study area and good intentions, but if you don't use them you will get left in the dust, or even worse......

I plead guilty on this count as AJ so pointed out in his comment regarding my playing too much. I have the components for a good chess study plan, I just need to make the time to put it all together.

The aftermath of some of my time pressure implosions look much like this:

PS. That is not my bike that met an untimely ending. It belongs to a friend, who made out much better then his bike did.


transformation said...

i have honestly made a commitment in the new year not to look at pornography, and am glad that you are offering me a salutary alternative. thank you, much appreciated.

be that as it may, i much prefer a narrower frame, with no extra thick tubing. tight and strong and solid. not too large or small in the middle, but small better than larger.

it doesnt make anyone wrong, its just my preference in the way my DNA is programed. warmest, dk

Glenn Wilson said...


I admire your high level of playing activity.

regarding my playing too much. I have the components for a good chess study plan, I just need to make the time to put it all together.

I have the opposite problem. I think I played maybe 9 rated games in 2007 but studied chess some almost every day for much of the year. I have many lame excuses, but mostly it is hard to find the time.

transformation said...

Polly, i hope that no children are reading this. is it a bit disengenuine to say we only played 9 rated games for 2007 when our ICC graph of activity looks like spagetti for the entire year, twenty games alone in late nov!dec??? or many dozens of blitz all year or more? what do YOU call rated, when a arbitor is watching with a clock?? rating means measured performance, and i see lots of that at GlennWilson ID at icc.

sorry ladies and gents, but glenn offended me in a comment at my blog saying he didnt think that children should see my blog, but they need protections from his fake or puffed up presentations of self. time to give up the charade glenn.

insincerity as a habitual way of being is one i dont want my kids or my friends kids exposed to.

my name is david k and i approve this message.

Anonymous said...


Get your thong out of your...

Glenn is talking about Over the Board play.

Some pictures on your site could easily be classified Porn, and that would not be approrieate for children.

Have a nice day

Anonymous said...

Hi Polly,

Since you have a 1700 floor you were 1900 once, when was that?

Ruben Kanna

Polly said...

Gentleman: No pissing matches in my comments section please. :-)

Everyone is entitled to their opinions on what constitutes "rated chess". I prefer to use the term "serious chess" in discussing the arena that we strive to improve in. For some people striving to break a certain rating barrier at ICC (insert preferred server name here) may be how they measure their progress. Others may use the more traditional national chess federation's over the board rating as their measuring stick.

I happen to prefer the face to face aspect of over the board play versus the rather anonymous nature of internet play.

Internet play is more convenient. I don't have to leave my house. I don't even have to get out of my jammies if I don't want to. I can play 1 game or I can play 50.

Going to the chess club on Monday night or going to the Marshall on Thursdays takes more effort and planning. Is it worth it to me? Yes. because of the face to face part.

Ruben: 1987-88 were breakthrough years for me. After spending a number of years as a B player I finally broke 1800 in 1987. I broke 1900 in 1988. After that I bounced back and forth between 1800 and 1900 through 1992.

The initial floor was your peak rating -100 so my first floor had been 1845. Then they dropped to the closest 100 which for me was 1800. Then in 1997 they dropped the floor another 100 points. I hit it in a week. LOL

Over theyears I've crawled back close to 1800, only to have a few bad tournaments to send me back down to 1700. I don't sweat it anymore. Some day I'll say enough is enough, and get serious about my chess study again and make an effort to get back to class A.

likesforests said...

Regarding your time pressure issues, when I play blitz I typically use a 12-second increment. Dan Heisman made the interesting recommendation that one should play blitz with a 5-sec increment so that when we play over-the-board we know how long five seconds is. I'm playing very little blitz right now, but I might take his idea up. :)

Polly said...

Like: Increment is completely different since you are accumulating time if you move before 5 seconds are up. Most over the board tournaments are 5 second delay. The delay counts down, but if you make your move before 5 seconds are up you don't get the remaining delay time. There have been a few tournaments using increments instead of delay, I just haven't had an opportunity to play in any of them.

likesforests said...

Polly, good point, 5-second delay and 5-second increment are different. Unfortunately I don't see an easy way to practice online with a delay clock... FICS, ICC, Hiarcs, and Chessmaster only provide increments. Any suggestions?

Polly said...

Like: Do they offer Bronstein mode? Bronstein is the FIDE version of delay. The DGT and old Saitek clocks have that in lieu of delay. Instead of counting down for 5 seconds it gives the player 5 seconds back after the move. However if a player only uses 2 seconds then it will only give back 2 seconds.

Delay seems to be a USA thing. Bronstein or increment is more common in Europe. Perhaps my foreign readers can confirm this.

Temposchlucker said...

Your tan signals more time behind the board then on the bike:)

In the Netherlands I have only played incremental. Which can be problematic in case of a queen ending between two rounds.

Polly said...

Tempo: My tan indicates more time under the board! I look rather pasty compared to the Team USA babes.