Friday, July 11, 2008

She's Back!!

It's around 10:30 pm in New York, but despite very little sleep my body thinks it's 11:30 am tomorrow. I just got back from Korea. It was an amazing trip. I saw some totally awesome things.

View from the near the top of Seonunsan Provincial Park. Yes that is Buddha carved into the pocks.

My guess is Smokey the Bear's Korean counterpart.

What better place for a lotus pose in front of a lotus patch. I know I'm cheating because my legs aren't on top. Sorry I'm not that flexible.

I only had internet access in Seoul so no time to blog or check other people's blogs. I did not get a chance to go to the chess club in Seoul. Even though I was in the city on the night it met, our group had received tickets to see Nanta. I did not want to miss our dinner and show.

I brought a chess set with me, but no one in our group seemed to play. I was reduced to playing the pathetic program that's part of the in flight entertainment system. I had lots of choices in terms of movies, music, and games. I decided I give the chess program a try. Even on "hard" it was pretty pathetic. The first game I won in around 15 moves. I couldn't remember all of the moves, so I played again. The program put up a little more of a fight, but I still crushed it despite having been on the plane for over 6 hours with another 6 hours to go. I was going to put it up as a Wacky Wednesday" post, but was too tired to put into Chess Base at the time.


Those are just a few pictures from the trip. I've a gazillian pivs and will post more, and talk about the trip. However I just wanted eveone to know I survived. I just don't want to see boiled white rice and kimchi any time too soon.

I'm fading! Over and out........ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz........


likesforests said...

Welcome back. :)

That 'Nanta' show sounds neat. When I visited Epcot, one of my favorite parts was listening to the rhythms of the Japanese Taiko drummers.

You're fortunate that the airplane flies better than it plays chess!

Polly said...

Like: LMAO about airplane though ride back was a little bumpy.

Anonymous said...

Are you playing in the continental open in sturbridge?

BlunderProne said...

move 10 Airplane program says " I scare you with my BIG POWERFUL QUEEN... you should resign!" It plays like a lot of kids I know.

RT Solo said...

Hi, I just created a chess blog and posted a couple of my games (I'm an amateur). I'd appreciate if anyone has the time to maybe analyze and leave feedback about my play or my blog. Thanks.

Polly said...

Anon: Nope. My next big tournament will be US Open in August.

Blunder: LOL The program reminded me of some of the kids in my class. The first game which I did not write down it was ignring attacks on pieces and just going for pawns.

rt: welcome to the chess blogosphere.

es_trick said...

Hi Polly,

Glad you seem to have enjoyed your trip to Korea.

The sign in Nae-jang Mt. National Park says:

"Please don't pile stones on the trees. It hurts the trees."

(You probably saw little stone towers here and there that people passing by add to for good luck.)

Polly said...

ES: Thanks for the translation. Yes I saw many of those little piles of stones, especially near temples. One of the people in our group explained about the little piles.

Anonymous said...

So you didn't sneak over the demilitarized zone, huh? Boo.