Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wacky Wednesday!: Saratoga Knightmare Redux

If one goes back to the early days of this blog he might recall that 2007 ended on a rather strange note in Saratoga Springs. After all how often is it that a player can enter a tournament, play two titled players, score a half a point, and win a class prize? Only happens when 6 players show up for a tournament with 6 guaranteed prizes. But that wasn't even the strangest part of that weekend. What can I say about a tournament where the ages of my first four opponents added up to 40? Plenty, when I write this and that on the subject.

I summarized the weekend by writing; "I'm just so glad I traveled 175 miles and spent 2 nights in a hotel to play three players from my local clubs. We could have all stayed home and played a quad in my living room." It's funny that I wrote that, because less then a year and half later that's almost what we did. However it wasn't a quad and it wasn't in my living room. Instead it was a ten player Swiss in another person's living room. My three opponents were the same three kids that play in my local chess clubs. The order in which I played them was slightly different, but unfortunately the results were the same. At least now they're higher rated.

The most interesting game was my second round against Jacob. We haven't played each other since our game in Saratoga Springs. This game was certainly a lot livelier then our last one. All I can say about it is; "Look gift queens in the mouth."



chesstiger said...

I find that it was black who was on the commando in the game while your Qb3 was kinda put the queen out of the game.

Polly said...

There are lines in the English where the queen does belong on b3. However with this pawn structure it's too slow. My idea was to try to create a backwards pawn on b6 and pile on it. I got side tracked with going for the fork in the center and overlooking the dangerous position my king was in.