Thursday, September 10, 2009

One Rated Game Tonight!

It's Thursday, and I'm heading down to the Marshall to play tonight. However I will be ignoring the cracktion sirens, and playing in the Marshall FIDE Thursday tournament. One game a week at a civilized time limit of Game/2. I've had a number of people suggest that I play more slow chess. After my performance at the NY State Championship this past weekend where I won the three games played at the 40/2 G/60 time limit, I decided I was time to take the advice of many of my readers and other friends to play more slow chess.

A report regarding the NY State Championship is coming up. Murphy stayed home. :-)


chesstiger said...

Does that mean that you soon will have a Fide rating aswell? Mine is currently 1957 elo, hope to see you around or over this Fide rating number!

Polly said...

FIDE keeps changing the rating regulations so I have no idea. I looked at my FIDE record and they have color data for some games I played, but I have no rating.

I guess I've yet to have a performance that is ratable. I don't really care about a FIDE rating. It will never get high enough to be of any value.

I'm playing in this tournament mainly to play some slow games. I'm the lowest rated player, so I have my work cut out for me.

CHESSX said...

Good luck Polly.

wang said...


There is hope for Polly in her battle against the evil deviancy that is crackation chess stuff.

...seriously I don't know how you can play so many games at that time limit. At one point it seemed as if I looked out the door for two minutes and half of my time was gone!

Good luck.

Chessaholic said...

good luck! I've noticed that my performance seems to be directly correlated to the time control - the longer the game, the better my result.

es_trick said...

Congrats on your success at the NY State Champs last weekend.

Seems like most of your good results occur when you play in upstate events.

Polly said...

Wang: Yes if you don't spend every precious minute looking at the board, and planning your moves the time just disappears. It disappears any way, but at least you're doing something constructive with it if you're focusing on the game. It takes a major bathroom emergency to force me to leave the board at that time control.

Chessaholic: Long time controls definitely help, but sometimes impatience in a long control will do me in.

ES_Trick: Actually I've had some of my worst performances upstate. Go back to the archives and look at my accounts of the 2007 NY State Championship, Empire State Open, and Last Blunder of 2007. I had that one wonderful tournament in Saratoga in 2008, but my encore in 2009 sucked.

BlunderProne said...

Performance isn't everything... are you still having fun? THAT is what matters.

Wow FIDE rated events in NY...Hmmm.