Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. I will be going out to New Jersey to have Thanksgiving dinner with my nephew and his in-laws. One of my sisters will be there too. I think they only want me to come because of my specialty.


I've been making chocolate chip cookies for years. They keep getting better as I tweak the recipe. If they gave ratings for chocolate chip cookies, mine would be 2800 strength.

Lots more chocolate then the recipe calls for.

The finished product, hot out of the oven.

The chef doing quality control.

They passed the taste test. It's safe to go to dinner.

Next stop: Los Angeles and the American Open. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

"Lots more chocolate than the recipe calls for."

That's what I like to hear (and taste!).

Evan Rabin said...

bring some to the Marshall next time! Ill be there throughout December.

LinuxGuy said...


Nothing like good food on Thanksgiving! :-)

Anonymous said...

I have plans for the Thanksgiving weekend. What's your next tournament after the American Open, and can you bring cookies there?

CMoB said...

Next time you're planning on visiting the Netherlands make sure to bake some of those cookies before you do and bring them with you.

chesstiger said...

Dangit, now i want cookies aswell. There goes my diet! :-)

Polly said...

Next round of frenzied baking starts about a week before Christmas. Hopefully by then they will have restocked my favorite brand of chocolate chunks. I wiped them out the other day.

Linux: If I'm feeling nice, I'll let you sample one today. I have a few in my bag.

LinuxGuy said...

How sweet. You are going to need those cookies when you play the condensed schedule today.

At the rate my tournament is going, I would do better to disconnect my brain and play blitz chess, anyhow. So, good luck today!

Polly said...

Linux: How did you like the cookie? Maybe I should bag this chess nonsense and start Polly's Monster Chocolate Chip Cookies.

LinuxGuy said...


Those cookies were really good! The chocolate was even chocalatier. hehe. I love dark chocolate. That is probably how I like cookies, too much cookie dough can make me ill (or at least Subway's cookies have a bizarre effect on me like that). Chocolate is safe, and I like the extra butter, like it crispy, which also seems safe hehe.

Polly said...

The problem with fast food cookies from places like Subway and Mac Donalds is they use shortening instead of butter. It's cheaper, but really takes away from the flavor. I don't think your thing with Subway cookies is too much dough, it's what's in the dough. I will never use shortening or margerine in my cookies. Butter baby!!!