Monday, January 11, 2010

Sounds of Silence Will Come to an End!

Today is the deadline for submitting my Chess Life article on the K-12 Championships. It's been a difficult task trying to put into 2500 words or less what I wanted to report on from the tournament. Included in those 2500 words were all the moves and annotations of the two games that go with the article. That left me with about 1500 words of my own to play with. Giving me 1500 words to describe three days of chess played by 1200+ kids is like giving a guy coming out of the desert a teaspoon of water. It's not enough!! However I just need to make a few changes this morning and send it in.

Once that's done I will be back writing about the adventures and misadventures of a "mobility challenged" player and tournament director making her way through the local chess scene on crutches. Just because we set on our butts when playing chess, doesn't mean we can take for granted the ability to get to the tournament to sit on our butt for a few hours.


LinuxGuy said...

I know what you mean, I could play more chess than I do, it's not always the first priority.

chesstiger said...

I hope you succeed with your 1500 words. Not an easy job.

I guess the main problem is to get to the chess club or chess tournament. Once there its easy to just sit at the board or behind the computer doing the pairings. :-)

Liquid Egg Product said...

Here's a tip to get that word count down: get rid of all those unimportant words like "the", "is", and "of". No one pays attention to them anyway.