Thursday, August 5, 2010

US Open: A Quick Recap of Rounds 1 & 2

I've played two rounds so far.  I have another round in 40 minutes.  Yes I'm playing the crazy 4-day schedule with 3 games today at game/60 and 3 more tomorrow followed by 1 at 40/2 g/60.  After my colossal meltdown in Vegas playing all slow games I decided I would just play the fast schedule and get 6 games in at game/60.  That time control suits my temperament better.  My ADHD brain can deal with staying focused for 2 hours at a time.  Maybe by the time I get to play the regular time control I'll be ready to sit still for more then two hours.

In the first round I played a 2300 who unbeknownst to to me until afterward was playing in his first tournament in 20 years.  I gave him a good game even after I lost a pawn, unfortunately things got complicated.  After winning the pawn back I lost it again in wild time pressure.  I lost on time, but the ending was probably lost anyway.

In round two I played a rusty 1200 who hasn't played in a tournament in 13 years, but he does play on ICC so an old 1200 OTB rating is rather meaningless.  I played stupidly out of the opening and struggled to get a draw.  It seems like he did have a win if he didn't trade off the last pair of rooks.  I haven't had a chance to look at it with Fritz, but someone who was kibitzing our analysis showed a way he could have won.  Phew!!!

If you're curious about the games or want to follow me live you can go to the MonRoi website and follow the live broadcast or look at other games from the tournament.  I will have more detailed analysis at some point.  It depends if I escape to my room after the game, or catch up with the latest US Open chess gossip.  More likely the latter then the former will occur.

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chesstiger said...

Seems you where a bit unlucky with your first two opponents. The first one may have been rusty but with his rating he sure as hell would have known more about chess then you, heck even more then me, even after his long hiatus.

The second rusty opponent probably got some good lessons on ICS and learned a bit more about chess then his 1200 otb rating would tell you.

Anyway, i hope you have fun. Afterall that is all a hobby must provide.