Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bermuda Blitzed (I mean blitz)

It's Saturday.  In the 3rd round today.  It's been a rough start for me.  Played tough game against an expert last night, but losing a pawn is not healthy for one's winning chances.  This morning I just played horrendously against a 1900, and ended out resigning after about 17 moves.  At a long time control like this I just couldn't see trying to prolong the agony.  I was rather discouraged and just felt it was better to walk away from that game, and try to get over it.  It would have been better if the weather had been nicer, but I did venture out for a walk in the howling winds.  At least it didn't rain on me.

I managed redeem myself in round three with a crazy win.  It wasn't pretty.  I gave away a pawn, but a few moves later he gave it back.  Then I had a nice little combination that forced mate.  I will post a few of these games later.  I just wanted to post a few pictures from Thursday and post some results from the blitz tournament.  As usual Larry Ebbins hosted his Thursday evening party at his house.  He claims his rum swizzles weren't as good as usual, but I thought they tasted pretty good.

Alexander Ivanov and Ester Epstein enjoying the food.

I'm with Larry Ebbins, Martin Huba and Stephen Kisuke

After the party we went back to the hotel for the blitz tournament.  No big surprises there as the standings at the top were as follows:

1st GM Alexander Ivanov 9/10
2nd/3rd GM Pascal Charbonneau 8/10
2nd/3rd GM Larry Christianson 8/10

GM Ivanov
GM Charbonneau

GM Christianson

As for myself, I scored 5/10.  Very disappointing when I missed mate in 1 against an expert, and went on to lose the game.  Blitz is not my strength.  I got lucky and won a few games on time that I should have lost.  Also chucked a few winning positions, so pretty much a wash.  One game that I won on time my opponent was griping about my Chronos clock.  I'm not sure what his gripe was.  C'est la vie.

Last round match.  

I had chance win class prize going into last round.  However I split 1-1. 2-0 gives me under 1800 prize. I guess I shouldn't complain since I was toast in 1st game and won on time by giving a bunch of checks.  Made him burn time trying avoid the checks.  Next game with him, I'm two pawns and just hung a knight.  That's blitz for you!

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chesstiger said...

Blitz is blitz. With other words one doesn't have time to really think. That you could play for a class prize is superb. Which means that your blitz isn't as bad as you think.

Now good luck in your final games at this wonderfull tournament.