Monday, February 18, 2013

USATE - Kid story

It's been a pretty mellow event for me.  Having gotten over the flu I've been laying pretty low.  My results have been rather average.  I've lost to 2 experts, drew an 1800 and a 1500.  I beat a 1345.  The 1345 is the one little kid I've played this weekend.  Be still my heart, I've played 4 adults.  I don't remember the last time that happened.  No game against a lower rated kid would be complete without some story behind the game itself.  We were paired against a team of 4 little kids.  Our 3rd and 4th boards won pretty quickly.  Our 1st board and I were having to work a little harder on our games.  I had won a pawn in the opening, but I didn't exactly take full advantage of my material edge.  We reach the following position after I played 30. Qb3 pinning his knight on d5.

I have the threat of 31. e4, but I figured he breaks the pin either by moving his king or put his rook on e6.  I'm simply looking to buy some time while I figure out what I want to do about his threat of Nxc3, with a discovered attack on Nf3.  The truth be told I didn't really have any great plan up my sleeve.  I'm going to have to either move my knight or play my king to g2.

The kid reaches for the knight and then pulls his hand away.  He reaches for it again, and pulls his hand back again.  I keep thinking to myself "He's got to see the pin which is why he's hesitating."  The reality is he's totally missed the pin and is probably trying to figure out where the trap is after 30...Nxc3, 31. bxc3 Qxf3.  Finally he plays the move 30...Nxc3??  I stop the clock and tell him he's made an illegal move.  I know the rules about illegal moves and touching opponent's pieces.  However I decided I would let the tournament director explain the rule to him.  I get the tournament director and point out what happened.  He asked me if my opponent touched my bishop.  I said "Yes.  He took the bishop with his knight and pressed the clock."  The director informed him that he would have to capture my bishop.  The problem is the only legal capture is with the queen.  The kid was rather upset and immediately resigned.  I'll give him credit for that.  At least he didn't make me play the position out to mate.

Afterward I saw the director in the hallway, and he said in all the years he's directed that's the first time he's had a situation like that.  Most of the time there's been no legal capture or if there has been it hasn't been so devastating.  It wasn't the prettiest way to win, but a win is a win.

Here are a few pictures from the gimmick contest.

Alice in Wonderland theme with the red king and queen.  
Along with the white queen and the Mad hatter. (2nd place)

Knights of the Roman Forum (1st place)

One match left to go.  We're 3-2.  We'll probably get paired up again.  I have no idea what's happening at the other end of the ballroom where the serious games are happening.  I'm don't know how many perfect scores there are.  I'm a little too tired to care.  That's the problem when recovering from the flu.  I'm preserving what strength I have for my games, such as they are.


Ivan said...

Is there any coverage of this event?

I am trying to see how the team with members McEntee & Langer are doing



Polly said...

I don't think there has been on going coverage except general coverage. Nothing with specific details. All I know is my team finished 3-3 and Princeton University won the tournament 6-0.