Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Damn, I Suck at CTS!!

I've been reading various blogs of the Knights Errant and have seen many references to Chess Tactics Server. So being the brave and nosy soul that I am, I checked it out. I'm not sure what I was expecting. Perhaps tactics by theme, which is the way I study them in many books. Some of them were so easy, but I kept looking for tricky things. When I'd finally notice the very simple recapture or check I'd hear a big DUH! coming from my mind. My thought processes during these problems remind me of how they go when I'm playing. Sometimes I just miss the obvious because I'm looking for something more complex.

I guess the beauty of this type of training is that it simulates an actual chess game more then a problem in a book. Obviously when I'm playing there isn't going to be a little indicator saying "white to move, and mate in 3", or "black to win using a discovered attack". Recognizing the recurring patterns is going to be my "little indicator." Though for me the annoying thing is falling into the same sort of trap on a frequent basis. I am so tired of my king position crumbling because I forget the my f2 (f7 as black) is pinned, and not really guarding my g pawn.

I was about to launch into rant about pinned f pawns and add some recent game where I fell into that, but I will refrain for the time being. Maybe reading the various knights' blogs will inspire me to go on my own Quitoxesque chess adventure beyond the plus or minus 50 rating points that I venture from and back to my rating floor. Maybe this old queen can learn a few new tricks. Stay tuned.


BlunderProne said...

I don't use CTS... I use the program CT-ART... did the circles... still suck... I suck less... but still working on it.

Polly said...

I started fiddling around with the 1st circle with the queen trying to skewer or fork the king and rook. I'm not sure what is the point of starting right next to the rook. It seems like no skewers or forks exist until the king and rook are separated by at least two squares. It seems like the first skewer I find is when the rook is placed f3. Why not just start from f3, and move out from there?