Saturday, October 6, 2007

Girls' Knight at The Marshall Chess Club Part II

After getting crunched by a nine year old, could my evening get any worse? I suppose so. I could have gotten paired against the kid with the 1100 rating and lost to him. I could also have been an adult male. I heard the lament that adult males don't like losing to children, women or computers. My question has been "What about losing to a computer programmed by a 10 year old girl?" Fortunately I don't have gender issues, and as much as I don't like losing to kids I've gotten used to it. However if I'm going to lose to children I rather lose to a girl.

A few weeks ago Linda was the one who put an end to my 10 game losing streak. I'm sure she'd be thrilled to know that. The streak really should have ended on that game being a draw, but I'm not the only one who implodes in time pressure. A few hung pieces later, I had a win. I guess this game was to be pay back time.

It seemed like a fairly quiet game, until I let her get a passed pawn. The passed pawn didn't even seem like it was going anywhere, except I allowed her to push it to d6 and cut my rook off from the kingside. Perhaps 32...Rb6 wasn't the way to get my rook back to the kingside.The material was even, and I had better pawn structure. But none of this matters when you're opponent just marches and parks her queen on the 7th rank with check, rook rook is totally out of play, and there's a gaping hole on the a1-h8 diagonal occupied by a bishop.

*Sigh* Another one of those educational games that makes a good lesson on kingside weaknesses.

Hats off to the young ladies for coming to play with the big boys, and giving me hope that there are more young ladies like that, just waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting adult.


Liquid Egg Product said...

Adult males also don't like losing against adult males.

Polly said...

How true!! And they never lose when they're in good health. :-)

Wahrheit said...

Hi Polly, just a note to let you know I've added a link to your fine blog at my chess blog.

Polly said...

Thanks! I added yours to my list of links.