Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lina Grumette Memorial Day Classic Round 6

I did not sleep on the plane coming home so I was totally fried by the time I got home. I swear if I hear that damn female recorded voice with the security reminders one more time I'm going to ......never mind. Best left unsaid. I will let you fill in the rest of the setence any way you like. The last day was chess junkie heaven for me. Six games of chess in one day. One slow game and five action games. In the main event I took a 1/2 point bye for round five. The pre-emptive bye stratagy was most effective. I would have gotten a bye in round two. That was the round that I was 55 minutes late for, and I don't think they would have found me a house player having showed up that late. I drew my round six game in the main tournament. Once again I had a win where I just couldn't get it done.

I accepted a draw on move 82. Fritz rated white plus over minus with 2.08, but it was unclear even to Fritz how to convert. Here's one of the lines Fritz came up with. 83. Qa8+ Kh7 84. Ke7 Bg6 85. Qa4 Rh5 86. e6 Rf5 87. Qg4 Rd5 88. Qg1 Rf589. Kd7 Rd5+ 90. Kc7 Be8 91. Qb1+ Bg6 92. Qb4 Re5 93. e7 Bf7 94. Kc8 Re3 95.Kd7 Rd3+ 96. Kc7 Re3 97. Qd6 Re1 98. Kd8 Kg8 99. Kd7 Re2.

I wanted to give the queen back for bishop and rook, but not have to give up the e pawn in the process. I couldn't find a way to force the e pawn through. Even though I still had over an hour on the clock. He had two hours, and I had a plane to catch. Sometimes one reaches a point where it's time to declare victory and go home. Though in this case it was declare a draw, and go play bughouse with my teenage opponent and his friends. As I was sac-ing pieces, dropping knights on annoying squares and flushing the opponent's king out into the open one of the players declared, "Finally an adult who understands bughouse theory!" The innder child got to have some time before having to go sit in the airport waiting for her flight to go home.

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