Monday, May 26, 2008

Lina Grumette Memorial Day Classic Rd. 4

This will be the last post until I get back. Tomorrow I get my cracktion fix so ther will be no time between rounds to post games and updates. It's probably just as well. Maybe my mind come out of the blog so to speak.

Even with the merge I had to sit next to AK (annoying kid). All the other rounds he was sitting on my right. This time he was on my left so his score book was right next to my clock. He has one of those bound hardcover scorebooks that seem to be so popular with the kids. I hate the damn things. They take up so much space on the table, and a lot of kids make such a production over writing their move down and hiding it from the opponent. Sometimes I'd like to strangle the person who brought one of those back from the London Chess Centre and told the Rochester Chess Center they shold make their own and sell them. What's wrong with the old spiral bound pads that don't take up huge amounts of space? (End of rant.)

I asked him to move it over some but it was still in my space. I should have been clearer about where he should put his score book. No that's not what I meant. Just simply draw an imaginary line down the table between my clock and his clock. All his stuff should be to the left of the imaginary line. It wasn't like the boards were jammed on top of each other. I guess I don't like my personal chess space infringed upon. Does that make me a little strange?

I admit it. I allowed him and his father to become a distraction. Every time his father stood behind me to watch his son's game I'd stand up so he'd have to move. It was rather juvenile on my part, but I was annoyed especially since the board to his son's left was empty. He could have stood there and not bothered anyone. I should have tuned the two of them out, but sometimes I just let people's behavior get under my skin.

This game sucked. I got my knight trapped, and I only got a pawn for it. I had no play for being down material. I fidldled around for another 20 moves, but then i just gave up. Too many pieces were getting traded and he had all the play. Here's the game. Not much to say about it.

Besides judging from the total lack of comments my last three posts have gotten, I think nobody is home. Anyone out there? Am I writing to myself? Phew! I managed to get this done before my connection ran out.

Dear Diary,

I suck at chess! Nobody likes me anymore.

Love, Polly


Matt said...

Hi Polly!

Yes it is I, your first round opponent! I told you I briefly read your blog. Well, tonight I home at a more reasonable hour (10:30pm whereas it was midnight last night), so I had a chance to read a few of your posts and thought I would comment.

Ah, the AK... I know he has been bothering you so hopefully this cheers you up. I played him earlier this year in the Western Pacific Open. I was desperately hoping I didn't lose to him, since that would have rubbed salt into the wound what with all of his piece banging, clock bashing and irritating father. Fortunately, it turns out I did beat him. Here is the game:

White: Matthew Hayes
Black: Annoying Kid
Date: 3/29/2008 (Rd 3/5)

1 e4 e5
2 Nf3 Nc6
3 d4 exd4
4 Bc4 Nf6
5 0-0 d6
6 Nxd4 Be7
7 Nc3 0-0
8 f3 Nxd4
9 Qxd6 Be6
10 Be3 Kh8
11 Rad1 Nd7
12 Bxe6 fxe6
13 Qc4 Bf6
14 Qxe6 Bxc3
15 bxc3 Ne5
16 f4 Re8
17 Qf5 Nc4
18 Bd4 Qe7
19 Qd5 Nb6
20 Qxb7 Qxe4
21 Qxc7 Re7
22 Qxd6 Re6
23 Qc7 Rg6
24 Rd2 Re8
25 f5 Rg4
26 f6 gxf6
27 Rxf6 1-0

...and suddenly, the kid wasn't quite so annoying anymore. ;)

tanc(happyhippo) said...
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tanc(happyhippo) said...


You need a Group Hug!!

PS: Sorry for the cancelled post.

BlunderProne said...

Aww! But I busy texting Chessloser inspirational "chess rocks" tidbits on my cell phone while he was at the Chicago Open.... then I was perplexed at WHY and HOW TIGRAN PETROSIAN was ressurected from the dead to play at the event only to find out he was ANOTHER GM with the same name and I was also not the only confused duffer... and THEN... I went to a one day event at the MAss OPen and beat a 1900 player and tied for 3rd in my section.... and then... I had to finish my ROund 2 London 1851 wrap up at my blog... and Then I had to comment about Transformations/ Pahdreus ..almost exclusionary/elite-like project they are conjurring up ...WHEN I FINALLY got you reading your Blog... so ...sorry for neglecting your blog. ( Nice rant about the AK)

BlunderProne said...

Oh.. and then my wife wanted me to take out the trash too.

Temposchlucker said...
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Temposchlucker said...

You write faster than we can comment:)

Anonymous said...

Slip a whoopee cushion on AK's chair next time around. No, it won't help the situation...and you'd piss more people off than he did. But chess is nothing if you don't get some satisfaction from it.

Re: no one being home. I really was gone from the blogosphere for a week.

Polly said...

Matt: I had some measure of revenge in that I beat AK's sister in Monday's action. She's nicer and much better behaved then little brother.

tanc: Thanks!

Blunder: Everybody is getting so deep on me. The project is very cool, but a little too serious for me. Tell Mrs. Blunder that she's a big girl and can her own trash out. :-Þ

Tempo: It was actually kind of cool to have enough time between rounds to analyse the games and post them with commentary. It think it was helpful, though I kep finding ways not to get the job done in the longer time control games.

LEP: I figured you were away since your blog hadn't been updated in a few days. You're one of those bloggers who never seems to lack material even if it isn't chess related.

chesschick said...

Hi Polly,

Thanks for all of your posts. Maybe I can be one of your blog groupies, too! I am so jealous of those of you who live in chess Mecca and can play at the Marshall at will (though I did get to play there once when I was on a biz trip). I am lucky if I can play a tournament a month. Then, half the time I have to organize it for it to happen.

I hope you are feeling better after your Memorial Day tournament! Sorry about your experience with AK. Sometimes I don't know which is worse -- an AK, or macho dude that acts like women have no business on the chess board.

Have you ever considered doing the National Open in Vegas? That is one I can actually drive to.

Polly said...

chesschick: I keep promising myself I'll go to the National Open. I've heard so many good things about the tournament. It woun't be this year though. Too soon after memorial day weekend and at end of mnth I'm leaving for Korea.