Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tournament of LEP'ers II (Bawk, Bawk, Bawk)

I played Blunderprone in the first round. In case you didn't recognize the spelling in the title that is the clucking of a big time chicken. I'm not sure my head was completely in the game. I had a lot on my mind as I was debating over a few decisions I need to make in the next day or so. I was also thinking about what stuff I need for my Tae Kwon Do retreat this weekend. (No chess tournaments and no Internet! ACK!!!)

Here this goes in Chess Flash. I'm holding my breath.


Chessaholic said...

now that's a compact chess board!

Glenn Wilson said...

Interesting game.

If the board is too small for your tastes there are a couple of ways to make it larger.

1) When you publish this game do not select Variations Tab. Although it is cool it takes up space forcing the board to be smaller for *this* horizontal layout.


2) Choose a Vertical layout instead (and keep the Variations Tab). Keep the default width (or tweak it if you like) and enter about 500 for the height.

Thanks for trying the ChessFlash Viewer.

BlunderProne said...


Thanks for your kindness. By all rights, that point was yours. I am notorious for my come from behind moments. Sorry my ghost of Staunton spooked you.

Glenn Wilson said...

Here is an example and directions on how to make this green and with a larger board: Sample: Green Vertical Layout.

You can increase the board size compared to the sample if you can increase the Width, the Height or don't use Tabbed Variations.

likesforests said...

I was an 'observer' and it was an entertaining game. I also annotated the game and posted it on my blog. :)

Glenn Wilson said...

Also, if that green is not the right green for you let me know. I'd be glad to create a custom color theme for you.

Dario said...

Sorry Polly i was studying like crazy there past 2 weeks for finals... but i shall be back soon b/c school's out!!!!!!! :)

Polly said...

Glenn: Thanks for your input. The next game I post I'll try your suggestions.

Like: Excellent annotations. You added some things that I was thinking about, but didn't take the time to put in.

likesforests said...

Thanks for the exciting game. I have a few Qs for you if you have time, but I posted them under "Guilt Free Win on Time" by accident.