Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tournament of LEP'ers II Round 2

Tonight I played Tom in the second round. It was not a very pretty game. I kind of messed up the opening, but fortunately for me Tom didn't take advantage of it. His game went to pieces after hanging his queen.

We'll see what next week brings.


BlunderProne said...

Hi, welcome back from Korea(?)

When folks mirror the london system, with Bf5, the book I have suggests playing c4 and playing the Qb3 as the strongest against the symmetrical. I did in last night's 2nd round at the NH open and managed an edge in the opening against an 1823 player. I drew the game because I lost steam after several excahnges but none the less, it was a good run with c4 and Qb3. I had a good q-side attack and had the choice of a minority attack or a kingside attack. I chose the later.

Polly said...

Actually I haven't left yet. The Tae Kwon Do retreat last weekend was in Fishkill, NY. (Is that a great name for a chess town? LOL)

Good luck in the rest of your tourney. I played in NH Open many years ago.

Anonymous said...

you should get an ICC account. It's a great value. For like $40 per year you get free lectures, (openings, endgames, GM Games etc)Play chess, (any time control)Watch live games of the top GMs and GMs, IMs, FMs, and Nms give lessons at really good rates. I prefer it much over FICS. If you want, you could sign up for a free 7 day trial. Trust me when I say it's a great value!

likesforests said...

I have an ICC account and I prefer to play on FICS--the admins seem a bit faster to resolve disputes as they're not worried about losing $$$ when they punish evil-doers. Well done Polly. Tom may have gifted you a 'bit' of an edge but you were pretty quick to convert it. :)

Polly said...

Anon: I've been a member at ICC in the past, but I don't really play much online chess. I don't really care for it. The only reason I'm even playing online at all is because of this chess bloggers tournament.

If you've followed my blog for awhile you would know that I much prefer playing in person. I enjoy the face to face interaction that one gets in over the board chess.

When it gets too damn expensive to travel to tournaments any more then I'll take up online chess more seriously. Right now it's a time to play a little chess with my fellow bloggers.