Sunday, September 7, 2008

I'm Number Two!!

It's official, the Tournament of LEPers II is done. I came in second, which is a nice way of saying I lost in the finals to Ivan. It was a tough match up. We played one game and ended out with this position when he offered me a draw.

I had lost a pawn late, but managed to get it back. There was nothing left in this position except if one of us fell asleep and blundered horribly. The next game was far more interesting, and came to a wild end. Ivan missed a few chances to end it quicker, but both of us were short on time at the end. This is the first one of the games I've played in the two LEPers tournaments where time has been an issue for me.

Here's the game. Ivan and I actually spoke on the phone after the game and discussed some of the different possibilities. As we were talking I was letting Fritz pick it apart. Fritz was the one who found the mate in three he missed.

Ivan-Polly 090608.pgn

Thanks LEP for organizing the event. It's been fun playing with my fellow bloggers. I'd like to say I'm number two in the chess blogosphere, but the tournament was missing some of the stronger bloggers out there like Carlsen, Nakamura, Polgar, Ginsburg, etc. I guess if we want one those guys in our tournament we'll have to give something better then a Mickey D gift card to the biggest loser.


Tommyg said...

Congratulations Polly! A Mickey D gift card is nothing to sneeze at!

chesstiger said...

Congrats on second place!
By the way, what was the timecontrol of the games?

iw said...

The time control was 15 min with 30 second increment.

Here is my account of the final.

KnightFork said...

you played a good game...2nd place isn't so bad, unless you didn't get a Micky D gift card!

Souvik Roychoudhury said...

Saw your blog in Ivan's page Do let me know how ro participate in the liquid egg (!!) events.


Polly said...

Fork: The $5 Mickey D gift card was to the player who lost all their games.

Souvik: Check out and leave a comment on the latest LEPers post saying you're inteested in #3.

liquideggproduct said...

Sorry I'm too cheap to offer a consolation prize for 2nd place. Well, maybe something, I'll send an e-mail. Depending on interest in the Lepers III, there may be some sort of prize structure. Probably still insufficient to tempt Nakamura.

None of the losers actually claimed their McDonald's gift card. Mysterious.

Polly said...

LEP: Probably no one wants to admit they sucked that bad in the tournament, or that they eat Mickey D's food.