Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wacky Wednesday! Ugly Chess On Bd. 1

BDK's recent post about the Soller Gambit inspired me to rummage through the Polly archives and pull up this "beauty" from 1979. The game is comical in itself, but what makes it funnier is where and when it was played. This game was played at the 1979 Empire City Open (Under 1600 Section) in round three. So what? We were playing on board 1 with the two of us both being 2-0 with the winner of this game having excellent chances at winning the section.


In round 4 I had a 57 move draw. I don't recall whether my opponent was also 3-0, and we tied for first or not. I guess the prize money wasn't anything special because think I would have remembered whether or not I won the tournament. Pretty wacky, huh?


chesstiger said...

Nice little game where black almost is full developed and white still has it's queenside to develop. Black took in a good way advantage of it.

Pity you cant remember if you won the tournament or not.

Polly said...

Tiger: It was almost 30 years ago, and back then I didn't have journal detailing my tournament results. I had lists of tournaments I played in with results (W-L-D) and rating change, but I didn't keep track of final place in the tournament.

The funny thing was in 1978 I tied for 1st in two tournaments which I remember vividly. Though the New England Women's Championship got written up in Chess Horizons (Massachusetts Chess Assoc. magazine), and I was on the cover so that one was kind of hard to forget. I still have the magazine.