Sunday, December 14, 2008

K - 12: Day 3

It's over! What a weekend. It was touch and go right to the very last round. Our 9th grade team came in second by a half a point. So close, yet so far. Perhaps the biggest story for the group was our lone representative in the 6th grade section. He came in ranked 7th, and when all was said and done he won the section with a score of 6.5 out of 7. Going into the last round he had 5.5 and faced the lone 6-0. He was able to control his own destiny with his last round win.

Michael Bodek, 6th Grade National Champion

I mentioned in one of my earlier reports that I was pulling for Josh to win the 5th grade section so I could say I've lost to a national champion. Josh didn't win his section, though he did come in 3rd. However I lost to Michael in "Your Last Blunder of 2007". He was the 1375 who beat me in the last round of that tournament. His rating has gone up over 500 points since that tournament on New Year's eve.

I only have a little bit of internet time left, and I need to send a few emails. So to paraphrase the commercial...... "So Polly, you've survived another Nationals and the kids had a great tournament what are you doing next???"

"I'm going to Epcot!"

I will be posting more pictures when I get back to New York and sharing a few thoughts. For complete results go here.


chesstiger said...

Congrats to Micheal!

So you are going to Epcot? Enjoy the local scenery!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Michael. It was funny being in Disney World. When our team's National Champion walked into our team room after going 7 and 0 to win his section, the room erupted into cheers and high fives and someone said "if this were the Super Bowl, they would ask you where you were going next and you would say 'Disney World" but wait, you're in Disney World already."

Chess mom

Polly said...

CT: We had a delightful time there this morning, though hard to do justice to the play in 4 hours.

Mom: Congratulations to Matthew and the your various team champions. I see Maddie lead they way for her grade.

New York ROCKS!