Saturday, December 13, 2008

K-12 Nationals Day 1

Yesterday I posted some pictures from the blitz tournament, including a picture of parent whose chess attire was more colorful then mine. I had taken a number of pictures of his daughter who was playing in the K-6 blitz. Her serious expression, and intense concentration made for an interesting photograph. I spoke to her dad today and asked him if it would be okay to post the pictures I took yesterday.


When her dad saw my Marshall Chess Club hat, he mentioned that he was originally from Brooklyn, and wanted his daughter to meet Darrian Robinson. He wondered if I knew her, and could arrange for her daughter to meet her. Darrian was not playing in the blitz, but was watching her friends, so I managed to get her to meet Diamond, and pose for this picture below.

Darrian and Diamond

Today was the start of the main event. Here are players ready to start their first round. I guess the young man in the foreground was a little late getting to his board. It's quite the scene as players get settled in to start the first round. This is a shot of the main playing hall where 2nd - 12th grades are playing. Kindergarten and first grade play in a separate room. I hope to get to that room tomorrow for some more pictures.

In the picture below, are the top boards for the second and third grades. Who knows what's going through their minds at this point. I guess if you're the lower rated player it's pretty nerve wracking being on the top board.

Today was just the warm up with two rounds. The first couple of rounds tend to have some serious mismatches between top and bottom half. Tomorrow is when everything really starts to shake out. That's when you'll start to see some upsets, and you'll get an idea of which top seeds will survive the pressure of being the primary target, and those who will wilt from being under the gun. You'll also see the "Cinderellas" of the event, make their presence felt.

Josh is 2-0 in the 4th grade section. King Kong is also 2-0 in the 6th grade section. I'll be rooting for them, along with some of the other kids that have been smacking me senseless. Somehow it feels better to say "Hey that's a national champion who beat the daylights out of me."

My guys are in for dog fight. They're in 2nd place with 4.5 out of 6. The top dog is 6 out of 6. We're cool, because so much can happen tomorrow.


transformation said...

your heart is so big and the subject shown here so generously by you even more vast.

recieved your kindest photocopy of the USCF rating from 1975, small world indeed, you and me not strangers still! thank you heartily.

may god bless every breath that you take again, and again, and again according to cosmic design.

warmest, dk

chesstiger said...

Second place isn't bad, afterall it's the closest place to be able to overtake the frontrunner.

I wonder how many days a year you are home. When reading your blog it seems you are always underway or at a tournament far away from home. Your free flying miles must be a huge pile.

Diamond Shakoor said...

Hi Polly this is Diamond Shakoor and her Dad from Columbus Ohio. Looking forward to seeing you soon! Good Job in Bermuda. Take care and God Bless !

Diamond Shakoor 9yr old
5-Time National Chess Champion