Friday, March 6, 2009

I Am Still Amongst The Living

I was at the Westchester Chess Club last night. During Lent our meetings switch to Thursdays. No, I haven't given up the Thursday Four Rated Games Tonight! for Lent. However I did decide to play in our two week match tournament that was completed last night. One of the players in the match tournament is one of my regular readers. He's told me that he checks my blog every day. He was surprised I hadn't written anything for almost a week.

I'm still trying to sort out this past weekend, and I'm working on a post about the recently concluded New York State Scholastics. I was too overwhelmed during the weekend to do my live updates while the tournament was in progress. I was also having a bad case of writer's block. I think the writer's block goes hand in hand with the chess player's block. I'm on a serious losing streak at the moment. I finally have come up with my overall theme of the event, but I keep having to go back and forth between various websites as I look for results and other stuff.

If nothing else I will have some pictures from the Fischer Symposium being held at The Marshall Chess Club today and tomorrow. I will remember to put the memory card in this time!


chesstiger said...

Don't worry, your readers will come back until we have a confirmed death message. :-)

tanc (happyhippo) said...

Hi Polly,

Better to concentrate on your tournament now.

Blogging can always wait. :)

FYI, I myself am currently in a tournament and have found very little time to blog about it as well.

cheers and best of luck for the remainder of the tournament.

Polly said...

The tournament at the club was a short one. 2 round match against the same player. 1 game as white & one game as black. Unlike our previous matches that we've split, he won both games. Very interesting games. I'll probably post one of them later.