Thursday, April 2, 2009

Road Trip Progress Report

Flight left right on time. We actually pushed off a few minutes early. That's a rare occurrence at La Guardia. Now I'm sitting in the Admiral's Club at Chicago's O'Hare. I was concerned about losing miles last year, so I got a membership. I must say it's a nice place to kill time waiting for a flight. Free internet!!! Plus no lines for the ladies room! I know TMI! My layover in Chicago is actually longer then the flight itself.

I'm sure there will be bunches of kids on the Chicago to Nashville leg of the flight. There may be blitz and bughouse games going on by the gate as I write. In 1992 I directed at the Elementary Championships in Knoxville. On the return flight I was with a bunch of kids from White Plains. Our flight from Memphis to New York was delayed, so we got out the chess sets and had some rowdy games of bughouse. Probably the most fun I've had during a flight delay.

That's all for now.

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chesstiger said...

Let's hope the rest of the flight is as enjoyable as the first part of it.