Friday, April 10, 2009

Super Nationals - Parents & Friends Tournament

As I mentioned in a previous post, I scored 3 draws and 1 win in the Parents & Friends tournament. I didn't lose any games, but I did lose 17 rating points. I learned after my first couple of times in this event that one needs to totally ignore the rating because in most cases the number is totally meaningless. Often the low rated parent's tournament history is based solely on playing in this event at a few nationals. In the meantime he has been playing with his higher rated child at home. I met up with fellow blogger Ivan of Getting to 2000. I was hoping we get to play, but our scores were never the same after round one.

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Castling Queen Side and Getting to 2000

My first round opponent was the classic chess dad that I find myself running across in these events. He has a provisional rating, and the majority of his games are from playing in the Parents & Friends at various scholastic nationals. I got a good position out of the opening and won a pawn. Things got out of control after I won a piece, and started having severe clock issues.


I was fortunate that his inexperience caught up with him, and I was able to eke a draw with one second remaining on my clock. I had two more hard fought draws before finally winning my last round. I won a pawn, and then my opponent allowed me to trade off the remaining bishops in this position.

30... Be6? This move makes my life a lot simpler. I don't care about undoubling his pawns. I want the bishops off the board. Better for him would have been Bb1. 31. Bxe6 fxe6 32. Kg2 h5 33. Kf3 Ke5 34. e3 fxe3 35. Kxe3 Kf5 36. b3 e5 37. a3 Kg5 38. Kf3 Kh4 39. Kg2 e4 40. b4 axb4 41. axb4 He counted the squares with his hand and realized he was not getting back in time to stop the b pawn from queening. I had a huge edge on the clock for he change. He resigned.

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