Saturday, January 15, 2011

Philadelphia Freedom!!

That damn Elton John song kept running through my mind.

I'm back in Philadelphia for this year's Liberty Bell Open.  Unlike last year where I spent the weekend being pushed around in a wheelchair, I am quite mobile and free to move about the playing room as needed.  That's a good thing because I played a 5 hour and 48 minute game last night in round .  I drew with a 1900 from upstate NY who I've played a few times before. I'm so glad to travel to Philadelphia to play players from New York.   Italics for the sarcasm challenged.  :-)

I will post the game later.  I'm about to start round 2.  I decided to play up in the under 2100 section.  Am I nuts? Maybe.  But I did get a draw against a higher rated player.  I'm playing the 4 day schedule which means all 7 of my games will be 40/2 SD/60.  I can't use the "I had trouble transitioning from the fast control to the slow control" excuse.  Last night's game lasted longer then my last 6 games this week combined.  That's what happens when I play 6 games of "cracktion" in a week.  Last night I scored a half point less then my other 6 games combined.  Yep it wasn't a great week.  Lots of clock issues. More on that later.


chesstiger said...

Good luck in the tournament. Nice to hear you are finally playing games with a decent timecontrol. :-)

wang said...

Good to see you off the cracktion pipe! Good luck in the tourney!

Liquid Egg Product said...

If you want to survive, please don't mention the Eagles' playoff loss.

chesstiger said...

Is our Castling Queen still alive? Awfully quiet here.