Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wacky Wednesday!

Sometimes I get to be the observer of the wacky instead of one of the participants. My only participation in this one is it occurred in a tournament that I directed. I have changed the names to protect the guilty. Let's just say it was a case of an adult acting like a kid against a kid.

The position may not be 100% accurate since I'm recreating it from my head, but the pieces crucial to the play are correct. "Mr. White" had just played Rh3 with the vicious threat of Qxh7#. He was sure that young "Mr. Black" had no defense against this mate threat. When Mr. Black imediately played g5 Mr. White figured he was just giving up by allowing the mate. As soon as g5 was played Mr. White plays Qxh7+?? and says "Checkmate". Mr. Black says nothing and plays Bxh7!!

Alas, Mr. White fell into "Do as I say, not what I do" mode. I know that he has told his students to double check their move before making it. Also some things are best left unsaid. Checkmate is one of those things.


Glenn Wilson said...


What's a good time for our LEPer game this week? I could do Friday evening or sometime this weekend or next Monday or Tuesday evening. I prefer around 8pm Eastern time for an evening game.

Any of these work for you?

likesforests said...

lol. :)

tanc(happyhippo) said...

oh dear!!! lol.

Polly said...

Friday evening works for me. It may have to be later then 8 pm unless I decide to beat up my body tomorrow in a morning Tae Kwon Do class as opposed to doing the Friday evening class. Legs felt like much today so I may want to wait a day.

Saturday during the day might also work.

Like & Tanc: Every once in awhile it's fun post goofy stuff that other people do. I don't have to humiliate myself every week. :-)

Glenn Wilson said...

Tonight is fine with me if we can start no later than 9pm Eastern -- but let me know by 4pm. If that does not work what time(s) work for you this weekend?

Polly said...

Glenn: I could play Sunday, but it would be 10 pm my time.