Friday, January 30, 2009

Bermuda International Open - Day 1

How nice is it to wake up and see this outside your hotel room window? That's how my day started. Note to the guys: Show this to your chess widow. This should convince her that going to a chess tournament in Bermuda isn't such a bad thing.

The water is way too cold for the locals, however the Atlantic in June on the Jersey Shore is colder then the Atlantic off the Bermuda coast in January. I thought it was a delightful way to start the day!

This is the 25th Bermuda Open. Denis Strenzwilk from Maryland has played in all of them. That's him pictured below.

I've known Denis for a long time from my days playing in Maryland before moving to New York. He's one lucky guy to have been able to play every year since it started.

Part of the charm of this tournament is the Bermudian hospitality. Thursday night there was a cocktail reception at one of the local's home. Today there was lunch at Nigel Freeman's home. Nigel is the organizer of the event. He made leg of lamb and roast pork. I had the lamb and it was outstanding. Sitting in his back yard I actually got a little bit of color from the sun. If anyone tries to tell you the sun isn't a problem in January, don't believe them. I didn't get burned, but now I don't look like I've been living under a rock in NY all winter.

Our gracious host serving lunch.

Hanging out in Nigel's living room talking about World Championships and other fun stuff.

Who can name the two grandmasters?

Jorge Vega of Mexico, Continental FIDE President of the Americas making the ceremonial first move for Nigel on board one. Nigel got paired against GM Nick De Firmian.

Meanwhile down on Board 23, Gary Cooper of Bermuda and me shaking hands before the start of our game.

It was an interesting game. I had some excellent chances but messed up. Here's the game.


Back on Board One..... White is drinking red wine. Black is drinking white wine.

Stay tuned for more pictures and news from rounds two and three. It's supposed to rain, but I can't complain. The weather was very nice today.


tanc (happyhippo) said...

Hi Polly


Excellent photos. What a very nice venue!

Makes me wanna go to the Bermudas too.

Looking forward to hearing more from you.

cheers and take care

Polly said...

I want to come back to Sydney, so that makes us even. :-)

GiLoCatur said...

yeah very beautiful view like in my country. i wish i could participate in such tournament. please include more pictures.

good luck in ur games!


chesstiger said...

Why exchange bishops on h3? I would have tried Bh1 in that position.

Nice report with wonderfull photos. I am jealousm beautiful country, Bermunda.

Polly said...

Tiger: I exchanged the bishops to pull the queen off the 7th so I could win a pawn or two. However it was risky. I had time to set things up on his 7th without exposing myself to the dangers in my territory.