Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bermuda International Open - Round 3

After my encounter with the piece flipping opponent from Bermuda I had some time to relax and eat lunch. The bad thing about being at a place like this is there's no such thing as a lo-cal lunch. Come to think of it, eating and drinking is a big part of the whole experience. Diet starts on Monday! As I'm wandering around I notice this player relaxing by playing the piano. Since I like to catch all the flavor the event, I took a few pictures and made a mental note to myself. "Check out where he's sitting next round so you know what his name is." I didn't have to look very hard since he was sitting across from me.

Jacob Slepian
Cleveland, OH
Playing "I did it my way"

Sometimes I find older players tougher to play then the kids. Kids attack like crazy, and can be impulsive especially if they're losing. Older players are far more patient and don't give up so easy. I won the exchange against him, and thought I had an easy win. My friends from New York kept looking at the position and were asking themselves, "What's taking her so long?" Mr. Slepian "did it his way" and hung in there. I eventually had give back the exchange and concede the draw. It was very frustrating to let him slip away like that, especially outrating him by almost 400 points. I will post games with analysis when I get back to NY. I was going to put it up with no analysis but I'm having technical issues . I've kind of become the unofficial website for the tournament so I'm basically putting up pictures and some results. My games are becoming irrelevant at this point.

The New York contigent joined Nigel and his group for a lovely dinner at Bacci for Italian food. It was a love dinner, but I ate way too much.

Nigal Freeman, Carol and Ken Troutman
Jorge Vega and Sophia Vega

After three rounds there are 5 perfect scores. No great surprises.

GM Nick De Firminian
GM Alexander Ivanov
GM Pascal Charbonneau
IM Dean Ippolito
IM David Cummings


chesstiger said...

Indeed, your opponent did it his way if he could keep a lost position draw.

Do you get paid for being the unofficial website manager?

Rolling Pawns said...

You are now known in Canada too: