Saturday, January 17, 2009

Words of Wisdom

I got an email from a friend the other day. I have no idea where he got it from so I can't give credit to whoever initially created this. I find it quite funny, but excellent advice to chess players:

One of the secrets of life is......

.......having both patience and wisdom.

Hopefully I can apply that over the next two days in Philadelphia at the Liberty Bell Open. I hope the Cardinals can beat the Eagles otherwise I may not be able to stomach the Eagle fans celebrating in the lobby bar. I guess it would be pay back for last year's performance during the OT of the Giants-Packers game.

I'm glad the Cardinals-Eagles game is the the early game since I'll still be playing the fast schedule and won't have time to worry about what's happening in the football game. By the time I can watch the football game it will be the Steelers-Ravens. I really don't give a rat's @$$ about that game. Despite my Baltimore roots, and growing up going to Baltimore Colts games I can't really get excited about the Ravens. They're not my beloved Colts. Neither is that team in Indianapolis that bears the name.

End of my football rant. 25 days until pitchers and catchers.


chesstiger said...

Good luck at the Liberty Bell Open!

Let the wisdom run thru your brain!

BlunderProne said...

If the Skunks are up, play with caution.

wang said...

Yes! Pitchers and catchers! Now we're talking, but are you a Yankee or Met fan?

Oh, and good luck to you in the tourney.

Anonymous said...

I'm sick the Eagles couldn't be bothered to win that game against that teamm.

That's all.

Anonymous said...

Pitchers and Catchers! Go Phillies!

I have a question Polly..

What is the etiquette for resigning a game. I think I angered a guy yesterday at a tournament I played in. I eventually resigned but I wanted to exhaust all possibilities. Once I saw nothing I resigned. If I am playing someone rated WAY over me I would resign sooner.



chesstiger said...

@ Tommyg

There is no protocol for resigning.
You may use your time the way you want. If you want to search for 10 minutes or for an hour for possibilities then that is your good right.

Polly said...

Tiger: Thanks. It was a good tournament 2 wins, 1 loss, 4 draws. Report to follow in next few days.

Blunder: LOL Never argue with a skunk.

wang: Met fan. I grew up in Baltimore. My mom was an avid Oriole fan and season ticket holder. I learned from an early age to hate the Yankees. It's genetic. :-)

LEP: I thought sure once the Eagles took the lead in the 4th quarter they'd hold on. I was surprised.

Tommy: I am the wrong one to ask about resigning, given how I sometimes rant on the topic. There is nothing wrong with exploring different possibilities. For myself if there is life in the position even though I'm down a fair amount of material I may play on. If all I can hope for is stalemate because my opponent does something really stupid then I'm resigning.

I think if you ask 10 different players that question you'll get 10 different answers.

wang said...


Polly is a Met FAN!


Anonymous said...

*chortles at anyone expressing enthusiasm for the Mets*

<-- Marlins fan

Blue Devil Knight said...

Seven games in two days? Damn that's some crazy chess.

I was rooting for the Eagles. A PA SB would have been great rivalry. Now we have the freaking Cardinals? Boring. I'll watch but in protest.

John aka Endgame Clothing said...

Thanks for swinging by my blog and leaving a comment. I have really enjoyed your blog over the past year or so.

I especially like your comments on playing kids. I wrote an essay a while back that was posted on Silman's site that chronicles my feelings about that same subject. Maybe I'll repost it sometime...

Polly said...

LEP: What do expect from someone who is such a glutton for punishment?

BDK: The Super Bowl might be the Super Bore, but who knows what old man Warner has in that arm of his. But I don't care. I'll be sipping rum swizzles at the beach. :-)

John: I would love to see that essay. I always enjoy hearing what other adults have to say about playing kids.

John aka Endgame Clothing said...

Your wish is my command...I posted the essay on my blog. Let me know what you think.

Also, would you mind adding me to your blog roll?