Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bermuda Open: Round 4 - Edit: Game posted.

It's a beautiful day though we keep having a few tropical showers where it's sunny one second and raining the next. In the shot below it's during one of the sunny moments. Why am I smiling?

I'm smiling because I had a very quick game this morning. Less then an hour and done in 16 moves. I was on the winning end for a change. I don't think my opponent knew quite what hit him. I was rather surprised how quickly it ended. I had a nice mate threat that involved a knight sac. He can defend against it easily enough, but instead he resigned. Here's the game.


I have two points, but so does everyone else in my class. We all will get paired up in the last round. I don't expect that anyone in the class will make the cut, but one never knows. I'll probably be Black. I keep getting Black when paired up, and White when paired down.

On the top boards GM Christiansen and GM Charbonneau drew, and GM Ivanov beat IM Cummings. Ivanov is the only perfect score. At the top it now looks like this.

1. GM Ivanov 4
2. GM Christiansen 3.5
3. GM de Firmian 3.5
4. GM Charbonneau 3.5

Results later!


chesstiger said...

16 moves and laughing. It must be a weird world of new sensations for you. :-)

Polly said...

LOL You're right. The game will be posted in the next day or two.