Monday, February 8, 2010

Bermuda Results - The Short Version

This is going to be a short post since the awards party started rather late. Last year we had the blitz matches, dinner and awards first and then watched the second half of the Super Bowl. This year we watched the Super Bowl and had dinner. The blitz matches didn't start until after the football game was over. There were ties for 1st overall and 1st under 2200. Since those winners get a trip back for next year, normal tie breaks are not used to determine who wins the trip.

Andrei Moffat and Aleksandr Ostrovskiy Under 2200
GM Nick de Fermian and GM Alexander Ivanov 1st overall

Both blitz matches came down to to a third game of Armageddon with black having draw odds. I didn't see who took black in the individual matches. GM de Firmian won his match for first overall. Aleksandr Ostrovskiy won his match to take top under 2200.

After blitz games were done it was on to the awards. Once again 1st in each class received the blown glass Bermuda Long Tail in addition to the cash prize. This is a trophy worth keeping!

1st under 1600 - Kennedy Simmons
tied for 2nd Hal Sprechman, Daniel Iwaloye, Anthony Moffat, F Leon Wilson (pictured below)

F. Leon Wilson receiving his 2nd place money a little late.

1st Under 1800 Polly Wright (Who Dat?)
2nd Brianna Conley

Under 2000 - A 7 way tie for 1st Anatoly Ostrovskiy won on tie breaks.

Traveled the furthest - Garry Forbes of Scotland

Larry and Natasha Christiansen

Pascal Charbonneau presenting 1st place to GM de Firmian and GM Ivanov

Nick de Firmian receiving the new Bermuda Cup
It is now named the Larry Ebbin Cup

I apologize for the poor captioning on many of these pictures. The under 2000 I couldn't keep track of everyone. As you might have noticed in passing, I had a very good tournament. I won my last round game against a 1924. This was the one the people who smashed me in the blitz tournament. I was ready for him this time. I will do a separate post about my Sunday games.


chesstiger said...

Polly on first, whoooooooooow!

Seems that now that you have to stay at your board your play and concentration are improving. Keep on going (although that might, with the current imobilty experiences, not be the right expression to use :-) ).

GiLoCatur said...

Hi Polly,

I am a fan and a follower of your blog. It is fun to read your blog especially about the Bermuda Open.

How about coming to my country to participate in a chess tournament to be held in April this year. Click for the details. My country is so beautiful to visit.

I am a chess blogger too. My blog is at
Hopefully, we will meet someday and play chess. But I am not a strong and expert player like you. But I love to play chess.


The Mascot said...

Congratulations on winning the tournament. I guess. It's good for you to win sometimes.

But in Vegas, I had the under on "number of games Polly will win in Bermuda". There goes that big screen TV.

CaseMoney said...

Now there's Polly where she belongs. A spectacular first place result! Her opponents devastated and humiliated!!

Anonymous said...

LOL. Congratulations, Polly.

Anonymous said...