Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Saratoga Oops!!

It's that time of year again. Time for another trip to Saratoga Springs for the NY State Scholastic Championships and the Saratoga Open. I've had my ups and downs in that tournament. I wasn't so convinced whether or not I was going to even make it. Thursday we had one of these insane snow storms that never seem to stop. In addition they were forecasting that the snow wouldn't stop until Saturday. Looking at the snow and the weather maps on Thursday night, my husband says "There is no way you're going to Saratoga Springs tomorrow. The roads are closed. They declared a state of emergency in Orange and Sullivan counties." "Blah, blah So on and so forth." He can get very dramatic about the weather. Truth be told I was nervous about the prospect of driving by myself with a newly uncast ankle. However I said I'll deal with it the morning after I talk to Donna and some of the other parents from the team.

Friday morning it's still snowing some, and this is what our trees in the backyard look like.

I hope they'll survive all that snow piled on them.

There is a car under all of that snow.

My first venture outside during snow. Look ma! No cast!!!

After multiple phone calls and going back and forth about who was going, and who wasn't and when, I finally determined we were going. I was able to get a ride so that I didn't drive myself. After all the weather hysteria it wasn't such a bad ride up there. Beautiful scenery on the side of the road. I took this picture below as we stuck in a little bit of traffic at one of the tolls.

Just missing a sleigh being pulled by reindeer.

In terms of road conditions, it was good. Most of the drive looked like the picture below. There were a few snow showers, but not so bad.

We made it in good time and arrived before dark. We got checked in before the crowds. The kids went out for pizza. Donna and I had a nice quiet dinner. After dinner I decided I would go register for the tournament. I wasn't 100% sure which section I would play, but I was leaning towards playing in the Open section, not Under 1800. I decided I would see who had entered so far before making a decision.

When you play in the same tournament for a few years in row, you just kind go into auto-pilot. I didn't even look at the tournament announcement. I knew when the tournament was, what else did I need to know? It turns out I didn't really know when the tournament was. I saw Walter Brown, one of the tournament directors. I asked him where Steve was. He wasn't sure, but he mentioned that he'd be up until midnight. I asked if there was a blitz tournament tonight. No. The first round of the open tournament.

Huh? I asked him if there was a two day schedule. No. They changed the schedule and time controls. Instead of G/60 with 6 rounds identical to the scholastic schedule it changed to 5 rounds 30/90 G/60 starting Friday night instead of Saturday. While I was having my nice leisurely dinner the tournament was starting without me. I would have to take a half point bye for the first round. I was kind of annoyed, but nothing I could at that point. The only good thing about missing the first round, I could see who was in the sections. After looking at the two sections I decided I would play up. There are few players close to my rating playing up, and I avoid unrateds and 3 digit ratings.

You know what they say when you assume. You make an ass out of u and me. Hopefully I won't make an ass out of myself in the tournament.


Erabin said...

ha ha... my dad always tells me that expression.. Supposably one of his college professors said it to him and now he'll always say it:(

LinuxGuy said...

Nice to see your cast off!

IMHO, it's better to play the next section up and lose every single game. You don't lose as many rating points, in a relative sense, and get better at chess at the same time.

chesstiger said...

I always read the annoucements, even when its a tournament i have played for years so not to run into some kind of troubles like you did.

Good luck in the tournament and have fun with the no casted leg.

carl said...


Is the Bob Peretz CC still around? If so, where/when are the meetings? The web site for the club is somthing like 3+ years old. Have a young chess-playing friend who plays @ the Tarrytown CC on Thursdays who might be interested in a White Plains-based CC.
Thank you,
Carl -

Saul said...

How are you darling? I miss you. Good luck in the tournament.

Polly said...

Hi Carl: I've added you to the BPCC mailing list. We meet on Monday evenings at the White Plains YMCA 250 Mamaroneck Ave.

We're in the midst of our club championship. We have two more rounds to go. Once that's over we'll resume our regular Monday night action tournaments.