Friday, August 31, 2007

Finally Got Chess Publisher to Work!

I still don't really know what I did, but finally successfully put the Sam Sloan game into my US Open Rds 1-6 article. It took me awhile. I'd get the diagram loaded in, but the font would shrink to zero so I couldn't read the text. Then I'd get the font sized right and I get the tag error message again. Tag! and I'm it! Being html challenged doesn't help matters. It's all Geek to me!! I need "Blogger for Dummies" and while I'm at maybe I should read "Clock Management for Dummies". Just maybe then I could avoid implosions like the one in in the Sloan game or last night at the Marshall.


Samuraipawn said...

Just read your post from the Chess Carnival and thought it was great. The little "Chess Tournament Universe" is a quirky and funny place and I think you captured that in a very entertaining way. Looking forward to reading future posts.


Polly said...

Quirky is a good way to put it. Stay tuned for some entertaining tales.