Friday, August 31, 2007

The things you don't see when you have 10 seconds left

Last night I went to Marshall Chess Club for my weekly Thursday night pounding in 4 Rated Games Tonight! Though last night it was 10 Grand Prix Points Tonight! Even though the Grand Prix event draws a few more grandmasters, it doesn't really change who I play in the tournament. There are a number of players that I tend to get paired against every other week. I suppose I can call them the usual suspects.

I usually end out playing someone rated around 2000 - 2150. The second round I tend to play someone around 1850 - 1950. Normally going into the 3rd round I'm 0-2, though sometimes I manage to pull out a draw or win against a higher rated opponent. If I'm doing my normal 0-2, depending on where the break is, I may play up or down in the 3rd round. There is also the ongoing battle of trying to avoid getting the bye before round 4. (Not that I particularly want it in round 4, but if it's going to happen that's the time to get it.)

Last night was the classic "usual suspects" tournament. I got Vladimir Polyakin in the first round, Aleksandr Ostrovskiy in the second round, Gabor Schnitzler in the third round, and Scot Mc Elheny in the last round. Scot and I end out playing a lot. Most of the time he has white, but for a change I ended out with a 3rd white and he go his due color of black. I guess sometimes it's good to be the lower rated player.

We reached this position.

I only had about 10 seconds left so it was hard to try to work things out. I went pawn grabbing so the game proceeded with 31. Qxa7, Qxe5, 32. Qxf7, Qxe2+, 33. Rf2, Rg5+, 34. Kh3, Qxf2, 0-1

I did not even consider f4 which holds the knight. Fritz gives white +- 2.94. *Sigh* Time pressure sucks.


egaion said...

The usual suspects. That's funny.

egaion said...

What was the time control?
In the diagram position, I considered moving the knight to c6 or g6 . I am not sure whether these moves are good; Black has a check threat but I think that White can defend and keep his piece advantage.

Polly said...

G/25 5 second delay. I tend to have "clock management issues" at this time control.