Monday, February 4, 2008

The Kings Of Football!!!

Sorry BDK. That was one exciting game. Talk about handling time pressure! Amazing last posession by the Giants. As the Three Dog Night song goes...."Eli's Coming!" I couldn't believe Eli actually escaped the potential game killing sack and got that pass off. Then I couldn't believe Tyree actually caught it.
I was watching the game with the mom of one my students. She said "That's what chess needs. Timeouts! You're in time pressure with a minute left and you call a timeout to pull yourself together." Don't we all wish we could handle time pressure with such grace and determination.
Liquid Egg Product's mascot knows his football. Called it right again. I don't bet, but if I had, I'd probably be too embarrassed to admit that I got my betting tips from a cartoon egg. Good call Mascot!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your team winning it all! That sack escape/helmet catch play is an instant classic; the type of stuff NFL Films lives for. The only bad part about this game is that it's not as good if you want to watch it a second time.

You are wise not to take betting advise from an egg; The Mascot went 4-7 this postseason.

Pawn Shaman said...

It should have been the Pack but watcha gonna do eh? The Pats didnt take it all and that makes me happy ;) Chess needs commercial time outs. Like at the end of the opening and right before a pivotal endgame move. Itll be like lost except not on an island.

PS. I finally added you to my sidebar.

Polly said...

Pawn: I think I was more surprised by what happened in Green Bay, knowing how lousy they've played in cold weather. After that game I liked their chances against the Pats.

Thanks for the link!

BlunderProne said...

They knew they had to keep Brady down. Bummer :(

Congrats on your team. they deserve it.