Monday, February 18, 2008

USATE Rd. 5: Still Ballroom Dancing

We're still in the ballroom. It wasn't a bad spot to be. At least I wasn't straddling two tables and the traffic behind my chair wasn't so bad. I think part of it was there weren't a bunch of NYC kids playing near us. When you're paired near a school team all their friends come to watch so there is always lots of people walking by.

We were paired down against a team with an average rating of 1425. It was a funny make up. Two adults rated 1800 to 2000, and two kids included one rated about 700. I played an 1890. I was up and down like crazy. Note to self: Don't drink two large cups of tea before the round. Around move 11 I had left the table. When I walked back into the ballroom my opponent is walking out the door. He's says "I've made my move. Do you want a draw?" I said "No, I'm here to play chess." The round had only been going for a 1/2 hour or so. What was that all about?

I'm doing this at a public computer because I don't have any more access on my laptop. I'm not paying another $9.95 to blog for an hour. I can't put my game in at the moment. It was an interesting game. I ended out drawing when I chucked my pawn advantage. Stupid ass move where he just takes the pawn and if I take his bishop, he takes mine. Grrrr. I really wanted the win. Our new fourth board won against the 700. Silvio was in a dead draw. Mike had an easy win at that point. My opponent offers me a draw after I dropped the pawn. At that point I took it since now my position was slightly worse even though the material was even.

Note: I put this game in after I got home. I'm glad I did not analyze it at the tournament. I would have been even more annoyed for missing 32. Na6 which wins the b pawn.

One round to go. I have no idea if we're in contention for the Under 1800 prize or not. We're going to get paired way up again. We'll see what happens. It would be nice to win the match, but easier said then done.

Don't ask me who's winning the tournament. There were 6 teams that were 4-0, including the 3 grandmaster team. Now there are two teams 5-0 because one match was a draw. I've been kind of oblivious to the rest of the tournament. Maybe this round I'll get in the room early enough to use my own set. Maybe I can get some pictures from the top boards.

There's still one match going and it's almost 3:30. It's a sea of humanity out there!

Later! People want the computer.

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