Tuesday, February 19, 2008

USATE Photos

Team Rook Around The Clock Tonight.
Bd. 3 Alan & Bd. 4 Silvio in front
Bd.1 Mike & Bd. 2 Polly

Chess Chix
I'm hanging out with Laura Ross, Shirley Ben-Dak and Alanna Katz. Shirley surprised us all by dropping in for a visit to the event.

An outstanding opening move at Ruth Cris Steak House.
Food was excellent as was the service, but way too expensive!!! I can't afford too many meals like that. The company was excellent.

Our team is joined by another Mike. Our teams were competing in the same category. We both ended out at 3-3.

Jabari Mc Green and I were comepting for loudest chess shirt of the day. Who won?

This is Carol Jarecki's assistant TD Cricket. She plays a mean game of chess. I did a post on the Signs You're Having a Bad Tournament. Number 4 was about Cricket.

Giancarlo and Dario Dell'Orto in the bughouse tournament.

Killer bughouse team. Average rating 2300.
Hikaru Nakamura and Danny Rohde.

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Wahrheit said...

Thanks for all your reports and great photos. Some day I've got to fly back and play in this big messy monster of a tournament!