Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wacky Wednesday from Seville - Edited

When I first wrote this post I was at a internet place where I couldn't get at the diagram posted below.  However I'm married to an internet junkie who decided even once we got back to our hotel he needed to get back on the internet even at the rip off price of 6 euro for an hour.  So now I've been able to get at the picture and give this week's WW position.

I stumbled across this position from an old score book while looking for last week's WW entry. This is an oldie but goodie.  This is from back before sudden death.  I'm white and it's my 40th move in a 40/90 time control.  I managed to flag before finding the killer move of 40. Qxf8+.  The funny thing was at the time of the game I didn't even see it.  I played 40. Qxa6? as my flag dropped.

Who sees the rest of white's forced mate after 40. Qxf8.

I´m wacked out as I´m totally jet lagged and still have USATE hangover.

Murphy must have been a frequent flier.  These are his laws of travel.

1.  The more time you leave to get to the airport, the less traffic there will be.

2.  The earlier you arrive, the later your flight will be delayed.

3.  If the weather is nice where you're departing from, it will suck wherever the plane is coming from.

4.  You will miss your connection.

I´m here for the Seville Marathon. I won this trip in a raffle. I´m staying at this sports training center where all these rowers from all the world over train. It´s kind of cool. I feel like I´m at Olympic fantasy camp. Maybe I can get a game of chess with one of the Russian rowers.

I´m hoping to visit a chess club when I´m here. If I do I will take pictures and post about it.


Tom Panelas said...


You're a real stalwart, keeping up the Wacky Wednesday tradition under taxing circumstances, Here's my contribution to the madness.

Good luck in Seville!

gorckat said...

I see winning all Black's pieces and being a Rook up, but I'm failing to see the mate. I'll have to set it up later :/

gorckat said...

Found ut! I had missed a non-capturing check and the rest fell into place :P

BlunderProne said...

40... Qg8 ( forced) 41. Bxd4+ Rg7 42. Bxg7#

Polly said...

Good job! I knew you would find it.

Tom: Life is very taxing. I'm over here where it's been in high 60s and I missed the 9 inches of snow in NY. Poor me!

likesforests said...

The post says "edited". I guess the diagram changed? In the current diagram 40.Qxf8+ Qg8 41. Bxd4+ Rg7 42. Bxg7 is no longer mate due to 42...Kh7 (although White will win soon).

1.Bxd4+ Rf6 2.Qxf6+ Kf8 3.Rxg4+ Rg7 4.Qxg7# (if 1...Qxd4 2.Qxf8# and if 1...Kg8 2.Qg6+ Rg7 3.Qxg7#) scores.

Polly said...

Like: It was edited because I didn´t have access to my own computer so I had not put the diagram in at all.

You´re right it wins a lot of material, but also mates.

40. Qxf8+ Qg8 41. Bxd4+ Rg7 42. Bxg7+ Kh7 43. Qf5+ Kxg7 44. Rxg4+
Kh6 45. Rxg8 a5 46. Qg6#

40... Rf6 41. Qxf6+ Kg8 42. Rxg4+ Rg7 43. Qxg7# 0-1

Wahrheit said...

Hi Polly--any chance that we could play our Tounmt. of the LEPers game this Saturday around 4 pm Eastern? I know you have another game to make up first, and I'm open to any mutually convenient time but usually not available until about midnight your time on weeknights.



Polly said...

Wahr: I think that will work for me.