Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Avoir Quebec, Howdy Texas!!!

Arrived in Dallas last night. How sick is this? I would give up waking up to this view every morning.........

Lake Massawippi, North Hatley, POQ that instead I could spend the next six mornings waking up to this one instead?

View From Westin Park Central Dallas, TX

Damn chess! The things I give up to pursue this blasted game. Sometimes I do truly question my sanity. But what can one expect from somebody who has $5 bills in three different currencies in her wallet? Maybe I need to stay home.

End of my Chess Loser like rant. I’m actually happy to be at the US Open. I’ll see lots of old chess friends, and hopefully play some decent chess. Though there is bound to be some indecent chess too. What ever happens you will see it here.

I’m playing the five-day schedule, which means I have to cram my first six rounds into two days in order to catch up with the traditional schedule. Rounds 1-5 will be game/60 and then after that it's the civilized 40/2 game/60. Though that's far more civilized we'll see if I can manage to keep my brain engaged for such a long time. I start playing tonight. I’ll have two games. Tomorrow is the rough day because I’ll play four games.

It is very tempting to play in the action tournament today, but I'm going to show a little restraint by passing on that. I’d have to take a bye in round two while I lead a workshop at 1:00 pm. There is also the possibility that the first round would be late and I’d be late for my meeting.

I will posting games and pictures as the tournament goes along. I’m determined to do my internet on the cheap by not spending the $9.95 a day for in room internet. We’ll see how long I last before I get impatient with the free wireless downstairs or getting a cable in the cyber center across from the playing room.

Stayed tuned! Y'all come back soon.


es_trick said...

Dallas looks greener than I would have expected. But I've heard that it's been over 100 for the past 10 - 12 days. I love cool summers, and hate the heat. Though dry heat may be more bearable than sticky, humid heat.

Next year the US Open is in Indianapolis, my home town. I hope to make it to that one.

You used the word "civilized" when talking about time limits. That's maybe the first time I've heard another chess player outside of my HS circle use the word that way. But it was part of our school's chess club slang. Do you know of other chess players who regularly use that word?

Here's to hoping you play "civilized" chess!


Polly said...

I won't be going outside all that much.

I hope to make it next year so that I can add Indiana to my list of states played in. 21 down 29 to go.

I can't say I've paid much attention to who describes long time limits as civilized, but I'm not the first one to use it when talking about slower time limits.

es_trick said...

We applied the word "civilized" as a general purpose adjective meaning "good" or "strong," in addition to its meaning as an antonym of uncouth, childish, etc.

So, hoping that you play "civilized" chess is the same as wishing for "strong" play by you.