Thursday, August 7, 2008

US Open: Quick Recap Rds. 3-5

Round 6 starts in 10 minutes. If the Mon Roi guy gets all the merged players into the system you'll be able to watch my sixth round game. I'm not sure that's a good thing or not. LOL

This morning for round three I got paired up as predicted, and lost to a 1952. Nothing special about the game. I lost a pawn and he marched one of his pawns down and I had to sac a piece for the newly made queen.

Round four I got paired down against a 1284. Damn they don't make 1200s like they used to. He defended well, and I missed my killer shot which I did see, but didn't think it worked. I ended out losing a piece for two pawns and things fell apart after that. I will publish the game in my next post since it was an entertaining game.

Round five got paired down again, and played a kid with a 1250 rating. We both played too fast at the start, but somehow I managed to be up a pawn after the smoke cleared. Eventually he tossed another pawn and let me trade down to bishop versus knight ending. He made me play it down to 1 move before mate with me having six pawns to his none.

Time to go play some chess!


tanc(happyhippo) said...

6 pawns is one pawn too many. :)

best of luck for your game!

likesforests said...

I would wish you luck, but I already played over your game against Tony Chen. I signed up for a Monroi account just to see it! Oh well, those were some tricky tactical positions you two dueled off in and he was rated a couple hundred points higher. Good luck on your game tomorrow. :)

Anonymous said...

Polly, what is the tournament atmosphere like? How do you like the playing conditions?

I ask because I've never played in a large national event and it's one of the things I want to do before I assume room temperature.

Polly said...

Like: I'm trying to remember which tournament that was from. Maybe last year's National Chess Congress in Philly. None of my games in this tournament have been broadcast though tonight's game should be.

Greg: Read my next post. :-)

likesforests said...

lol. Now I feel really silly. :)

Polly said...

Like: LOL Don't feel bad. It took until round 8 to get my game up. Round 7 crapped out due to a technical glitch.