Friday, August 15, 2008

Making Milestones. One Good, One Bad

When you've played over 3900 games somewhere along the way there are win and loss milestones that you'll hit. Going into the US Open I was sitting at 1197 wins and 2097 losses. I figured I'd hit 1200 wins and 2100 losses during the US Open. I was half right. I did hit the 2100 mark in loss department with my 4th round loss to the under rated 1284. However I got stuck at 1199 in the win department. So I had to come home to make that milestone which I did by winning my first round game against Silvio. I think it was fitting that such a milestone came against the guy that I've played over 80 times in tournament play.

However that wasn't the win I found so satisfying. Before left on my two week tour of Canada and Texas , I'd had drawn with Kapil in the last round of the Monday July Action. I had been very happy to nick him for a 1/2 point since my record up to that point had been 0-5, and I was starting to think I had King Kong II in the making. Upon my return from Texas I got to play Kapil again in the third round.

I was really proud of how I played this game. I thought I played really well until Fritz burst my bubble. We both missed stuff, but that's what happens in "cracktion chess". I was very fortunate that he missed winning the exchange late in the game. Wow, another lucky break for the "If it weren't for bad luck...." girl.

Go ahead tell me what else we missed.

polly - kapil081108.pgn


Anonymous said...

Good job Polly!

Anonymous said...

Good game! It was fun to watch the way you used your knight in the endgame. 3900 games! Wow! I am going to run my grand total up to 15 tomorrow. 3900 is inspiring!

RT Solo said...

That was a cool game to go over! Congrats. Nice Knight moves (isn't that a movie?) to win a Bishop and deal some major devastation near the end!

chess addict said...

Hi! can we xlink with my chess blog which features daily chess updates and news? just let me know and i'll add you..thank you.

chess addict said...

hi Polly!

I have done adding you in my blog roll. Thank you so much for the add.