Thursday, August 7, 2008

US Open Round 1 & 2

Last year I started off by being shark bait for Grandmaster Shabalov. This year I didn't get paired up quite as much. I only played an International Master. Somehow I did better last year against the GM then I did in this round against IM Emory Tate.

Perhaps I should have played in the action tournament today just get the cobwebs off my chess brain. I had not played any real chess in 10 days and it showed. I had spent today chatting with people, trying to find cheap food, attending a workshop, and generally being very restless.


I spoke to Tate after the game. He said I should have played Bh1 when I first had the chance. He sensed that when I had not played it at the first opportunity after he played Bh3, that I didn't like the move. He figured I wouldn't play it later either, so he played accordingly. It's interesting how a player of that level picks up on those type of cues, and takes advantage of them. I guess that's why he's an IM and I'm not.

In round two I got paired down against a 1400. This match up could have been titled "Two On the Floor". It was a tough game. I won a pawn on move 30, but it took another 21 moves to win. In this position he willingly traded rooks. I just played 45...Kd5.

The game continued 46. Rd3+ Rd4, 47. Rxd4? This move makes my life much simpler since he not only lets me get rid of the rook,but allows my king to penetrate. The game continued 47...Kxd4, 48.Kf2 Kd3 49. Ke1 b3 50. Bc1 Kc2 51. Bh6 b2. White resigns.

Tomorrow I have four rounds. Most likely I'll play a 1900-2000 rated player in the next round. By winning the second round I should avoid the crazy 3rd round pairing I had last year when I crushed the little kid who never played an adult or player with a 4 digit rating


Anonymous said...

Your game against the IM was fun to watch! I couldn't even imagine playing someone rated that high! Good luck tomorrow and have fun in Texas.


annamade said...

Hey, just wanted to say I was glad to find your blog...and also discover you are a runner too. I am writing a book about a boy who plays chess, so trying to immerse myself in the game from all angles. I can play it, but only for fun. So, thanks for sharing your experiences in a blog so I can learn from them. :)

Temposchlucker said...

how do you score against lower rated players? Conform expectation based on statistics, better or worse?

Polly said...

tempo: This tournament so far I'm 2-1 against lower rated players. I had a a little mishap against a 1280 when I saw the tactic for me, and didn't think it was enough. Sigh. I'll publish the game in another post to follow.

Temposchlucker said...

I actually meant "in general"