Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Rhode Less Traveled

David Harris
Blackstone Chess Festival Organizer

Yesterday I received an unusual letter from a chess organizer. How often does this happen?

Polly, Thanks for attending the Blackstone Chess Festival. I apologize for the mix-up in the prize distribution. I noticed you paid the full entry fee, but I believe you should get the advance rate. While the postmark was technically a day past the cut off, you did email me your info, which makes my job easier! I hope you will come to another of our events.

David Harris

Blackstone Chess

A check for $10 was enclosed. How cool is that? He certainly didn't have to refund the difference. I hadn't even asked about it. If he had the whole late fee I wouldn't have even noticed. I knew I was a day late, so I paid the late fee. I didn't want to send the early fee and then have them come track me down to get the extra $10.

Yes David, I will be back. I've finally played in Rhode Island, but now I have come win a game or two. Besides I got to check out a few more brewskis on the East Side Irish Pub menu. Excellent recommendation for dinner. The British contingent and I had a delightful time.


chesstiger said...

First time i hear an organisor rebourses players. That guy either feels guilty about something or is just a decent guy. Since i dont know him i will let you decide.

Steve Eddins said...

I know David because he is a regular at my club. It doesn't surprise me that he went above-and-beyond for you. He's definitely a "decent guy," to use chesstiger's phrase.

Anonymous said...

That was a nice gesture. --Howard

Polly said...

He's a very decent guy. It was a nice event, and I look forward to playing up there again sometime.