Sunday, August 10, 2008

US Open In Pictures

The night owl is lurking. The one problem with boycotting $9.95 Internet in the room is I tend be sitting in the lobby at some ungodly hours as I try to catch up on my posts. The other day you got my lengthy essay on the flavor of the event. Now I will let the camera do most of the talking.
The Executive Board getting ready for the start of the Delegates meeting.

Some of my fellow Delegates from New York and New Jersey.
50 bonus points if anyone can name both those people.
200 bonus points if you can name everyone pictured.

Life in the back of the room otherwise known as the fish bowl.
If you want to know why I'm making such a face go to MonRoi and look at US Open Round 8.
No, my game is not one of the ones on display behind me.

The tournament room at 7:00 PM

The tournament room at 11:30 PM

Despite the live MonRoi feed displayed in the back, spectators like to be up close and personal. That is Emory Tate, my first round opponent. No we did not have a crowd watching our game. Our game did end out in the bulletin with a diagram. Another loss that will end out in the next Chess Base database.


RT Solo said...

Oh to be in a room filled with row and row of white clothed tables upon which sit endless sets of boards and pieces....

Oh to be in a room with so many people who share a passion for the world's most perfected game of intellectual battle....


Polly said...

It is a wonderful experience. :-) Plan ahead, and you can make it happen.

liquideggproduct said...

Don't feel bad. That girl behind you was clearly giving signals to your opponent.

0 points for identifying people.

Polly said...

LEP: Actually I was getting annoyed with the woman standing behind me. She wasn't watching my game. She was interested in game several boards away. Every time I'd get up or shift positions in my chair I'd sense her presence. I should have asked her to go stand behind the person she was watch. Also with the camera on auto-focus she came out clearer then me.