Monday, February 16, 2009

Breaking News!: Palin Gambit Wins USATE 6-0!

Going into the last round there were only two teams with perfect 5-0 scores. Team number 3 "UR Outrated: Give Up" (2199) and "Palin Gambit: I Can See Checkmate" (2192). Unlike last year both of these teams were very balanced with the ratings ranging from 2445 down to 1981 on UR Outrated, and 2320 down to 2052 on Palin Gambit. That made for a very closely contested match on the top board.

UR Outrated: Give Up
Larry Kaufman 2445
Raymond Kaufman 2317
Ian Schoch 2056
Douglas Stanley 1981

Palin Gambit: I can see checkmate
Paul Mac Intyre 2320
Brian Hulse 2210
Libardo Rueda 2189
Alan Price 2052

L. Kaufman and Mac Intyre drew on board one, R. Kaufman beat Hulse on board two, Rueda beat Schoch on board three, and Price beat Stanley on board 4. Close match! 2 1/2 - 1 1/2. Congratulations for a a tough win.

In case anyone cares, my team got smashed 4-0 in round 5 and squeaked by 2.5 - 1.5 in round 6. I finally won a game in round 6. Details at 11, or whenever I get to it tomorrow.


Diamondback said...

Thanks for the Live update on USATE 2009 ! Now if I can only find on the Web all the names of the teams and their standings, that would be a real treat !

Polly said...

There were a lot of games still going on, and they were working hard getting results in as they came. When there is only one 6-0 score it's easy to announce first place. There were I think there were about 4 teams with 4.5, so who knows how many got 5.5 and who was going to win on tie breaks. I'll leave that to the organizers and whoever is writing the CLO article. I believe the NJSCF website will have the complete results up later.

From the patzer said...

Sounds like your team had a normal tournament so i hope all had fun and are pleased with the results.